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Shop for Home decor products from India’s most niche and luxurious online store. We present you with an exclusive range of products for all your Home shopping needs. Now, Choosing decorative items for your home can be a Happy shopping experience with our sorted-out Home decor categories.

Our decor category showcases figurines, candle standskey holdersashtrayswall clockswall hookstissue paper holderstrinket/decorative trays, and more.

Our Collection of vases showcases ceramic vases and glass vases in bright and charming colours. Some of our vases come with artificial flower decorations. Shop from our variety of flower vases online for your living room or bedroom to add a touch of warmth to your home. 

Our Bedding sets have a collection of Silk Bedding sets, Cotton bedding sets, polyester bedding sets, crystal velvet bedding sets, and fur bedding sets. Most of these are king-size bedsheet sets with comforter and two pillowcases. They are the softest bedding sets online in India.

Our Storage baskets are made of Cotton and handcrafted to perfection!Use these Storage baskets for clothes, make-up, accessories or put cute little planters in them. You can also use them as kitchen storage baskets or Storage for kids’ Toys. BrandBerry’s storage baskets online are colorful, chic, and elegant. From hues of pinks to neutral greys.

Our collection of wall art is quirky, classy, and all about adding an element of fun. They are printed on high-grade canvas and are perfect for your living room wall art. Our wall art design stands out from the other wall decor online due to the minimal way of capturing a mood.
The printing is done on canvas to turn any poster into a wall painting art design.

Our wall clock designs will suit every room and mood of your home. Our limited collections of unique wall clocks have Cute or Minimalistic designs printed on tempered glass and feature transparency. 

  • Bedroom Wall clocks: The 12-inch wall clocks are best suited for your bedroom or medium-sized living room. Place these Designer clocks above a console with a few curated table decor items.
  • Living room clocksThe 16-inch big wall clocks are perfect for living room wall decor.

Explore Our collection velvet cushion covers with a variety of high-quality digital prints. Most of our Square cushion covers are of size 18×18 inches and the rectangle cushion covers are of size 12×20 inches. We have an exclusive range of cushion covers online in India.

Our collection of tableware online consists of carefully curated Ceramic Plates and platters, Ceramic bowls, Ceramic coasters, Ceramic Cups, and Mugs.

Our Bath Accessories showcases a collection of bathroom soap dispenser sets that will give any bathroom a Facelift. Add a spa feel to your home decor with our luxury bathroom accessories set.

Our collection of Tent house for kids are made with premium cotton material and is held sturdy with high-grade PVC pipes. We have different sizes of playhouse tents made to suit kids of every age and, in some cases, a few adults.

Living room Decor ideas-

This is the space which any one would see first as they enter your home. Apart from your furniture there are a few things you can do to revamp the living room decor. Indoor plants always lighten up the space making it feel like a breath of fresh air. Use cute planters and pots to decorate the planters. Also having a quirky or classic figurine makes the space feel warm and welcoming. You can use artificial flowers, photo frames with your loved ones, hanging vases with artificial flowers, candle holders, figurines, wall clocks, etc. Also lighting makes a lot of difference when used properly, like adding some spot lights or lamps to enhance your area.

Bedroom Decor ideas-

They say to get a good night’s sleep your bedroom area should be clutter free, from your clothes in your cupboard till the things in your drawers. You can choose from our exclusive range of imported bedsheets, duvets, cushion covers, and bed wedges.If you love your bed as much as i do then you’d definitely not get out of these soft duvets. 

Lighting plays an important role in your bedroom setting too, adding bedside lamps or wall sconces can lighten up the bedroom vibe. 

Bathroom Decor ideas-

Just three words for your bathroom decor ideas are Accessorize, Accessorize and Accessorize. Apart from your bathroom fixtures the only thing you can do to make your bathroom look appealing is to accessorize it with bathroom accessories. Using bathroom curtains and floor mats to enhance and make it look neat and clean. Having a bowl of potpourri or some candles around can always keep it smelling great. Use laundry baskets to throw in your used clothes, shall make the space look organized.   

Garden Decor ideas- 

Lucky are the people who own a terrace, garden or a cute balcony overlooking a great view in front of them. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables out there. Decorate it with brandberrys decor planters, floor vases, artificial grass, and some hidden garden lights here and there. 

Kitchen Decor items- 

Check out our wide range of homeware to decorate your kitchen. Choose from our stainless steel cutlery set, coffee mugs, dinner sets, dessert dishes, ramen bowls, food platters. These modern decor items will give a luxe look to your dining table and food.

Shop from Brandberrys, here’s why

We sell originality, by trying to provide excellent quality products and services for your home decor. Each and every product is hand picked by our stylists to add the drama your home requires. 

Brandberrys provides you with a variety of home decor items made for your interiors. We excel in living room decor, decorative items for your bedroom, figurines, decorative wall shelves, metal wall decor, tv unit decor, dining and bath interiors. Shop from our home decor website and win amazing gift vouchers.