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Vase are those decor elements that can be kept as the center of attention in a particular room, that’s how we would recommend to display it individually or by itself. For example- on a side table, center table or dining table of your living room, even on a mantle under some beautiful artwork will enhance the intricacy of the vase.

You can choose from the variety of vases we have such as wall pockets or artificial flower pockets vase, floor vases, flower vases, table vases, bedroom vases, bathroom vases for décor, dining table vases adding a touch of elegance to your living room space.

Ceramic vases look excellent on their own or also with artificial flowers decorated in them. Other elements you can decorate it alongside are colorful pebbles, cups, candles, etc. as per your choice.

How to give your artificial flower decoration a pop of color by adding Vase fillers?

There are many ways you can decorate these transparent vases like with neon glass beads, which come in various colors. These are used as fillers for vases with artificial flowers or artificial decorations.

Also other forms of fillers can be river rocks that are rounded by the edges due to the friction of water, and shall give a soft touch to the vase. These come in many colors, also known as pebbles or marbles. You may use elements like sand, potpourri, organic textures such as coffee beans or pulses, vine balls, nuts & bolts, coins, candy and confections can also give a colorful look to your space if that’s something you’re looking for.

Learn how to creatively decorate your home with our online vase collection-

  • Color Coordination- If you’re one of those people who loves color coordinated things, you can place the vases color coordinated with your books on a bookshelf. Add in a few flowers here and there matching the color of that vase. This will give a color blocking look to your bookshelf or any normal shelf. 
  • Mix and match- This is the best way to show off and display all your vases. Doesn’t matter the size, shape, color, texture and design. Just add everything together in a group with your favorite fresh flowers in it. There is charm and beauty in the unorganized too. 

On the table top – Using the vase as a centerpiece on the table serves a decorative purpose while adding a green and fresh feel. If placed on the dining table, make sure that the vase is medium or small in size to avoid obstructing your view while conversing at the table.

Similarity- You can also use similar family vases which can vary in sizes grouped together. This would make up for a very contemporary and modern display for your home decor. If your living room has a shelf, you can display a group of vases on that to give a very mid century look to your living room decor. 

Go Minimalistic- Using asymmetrical vases, regardless of size, color, and shape, arranging them together will display a minimalist look. Ceramic vases are the best option, to have as a centerpiece and to arrange some fresh flowers in. Contrast your vase to your home interiors, to give that pop of color. 

Modern ceramic Vases– They can be used in empty spaces as fillers, arranged with artificial flowers or fresh flowers. Revive and brighten up your space with our range of ceramic vases with the best prices and latest collection. A modern vase will give a functional look, when placed in any room. 

Bold Colors- Using bold colors and pairing it up with a contrast in the background will brighten up the space. For example- having a bright white color vase in the center of the coffee table, placed over a multicolored or a bold solid color rug, will enhance the beauty of the living room. If you like flowers, add that in too (preferably fresh flowers). 

Choosing the right location for your vase-

  • Wall pocket vase or wall mount vase-

    These tiny flat back objects, provide a decorative look giving a vase effect. These are generally hung on walls, mostly made of porcelain, glass, ceramic or pottery. 

  • Table vase-

    The ideal place where a vase is used is in the center of a table. Make sure that these aren’t too big, as they are generally used for bouquet decoration or to hold a few flowers. Table vases are lighter in weight generally made of glass, ceramic, metal, resin. They can be shaped differently like jars, tubes, test tubes, round bubble vases, etc. 

  • Floor vase-

    Being larger in size & heavier at the base, floor vases look best as empty space fillers. These can be placed at least 4-5 feet from the entrance, making it a focal point so that when someone enters that’s what they see first. Make sure these vases compliment the interior decor. When placed on the floor, make sure they have a wide opening so that the vase doesn’t trip, when you add abundant flowers.

We have curated a versatile collection of vases for you to select from: