Wall Clocks

With technology advancing at lightning speed, we usually forget to look for a wall clock in our surroundings, instead we look for our cell phones to check the time. Regardless, it doesn’t matter, as wall clocks will never go out of style, being the most important source of civilization as everything in our life is based on time. 

Our collection consists of various wall clock designs, unique and fast selling. Liven up your space with our exciting new living room wall clocks, wall clocks for home, bedroom wall clocks, etc with our latest wall clock designs.

What to keep in mind while selecting the correct wall clock design?

Without a clock the wall feels empty and incomplete. The first thought you have when you look at an empty wall is that there should have been a wall clock hanging or some wall art to give your space a homely feel. 

For making a statement, go for larger wall clocks. To give out a subtle and delicate look, go for something medium sized, with an element that matches your interiors. The best place for your clock is the center of the room. You can position it at eye level or just a little above eye level. If you have space above a door the wall clock can be placed there. Last but not the least, you can hang it above the tallest object of that room. This makes it visible from all angles without any sort of obstruction.

There is a difference between the below mentioned types of wall clock, have a look to help you choose the right wall clock for yourself.

Wall Clocks for home-

Apart from being a utility, wall clocks are also a piece of decorative item. You can go with the flow or go all out with your home decor. Choose from our selective range of contemporary, minimal, and quirky wall clock designs. 

Wall Clock for office-

While selecting a hanging wall clock for your workplace, always keep in mind “subtle”. Nothing too loud or goudy, everything should blend in and be easy for your eyes as you enter the room.

Picking out the right clock for your home interiors-

  • Blending it with your furniture and interior design. Complement it with your space.
  • Decide on the size of the wall clock considering the size of your room, you’d like to place it in.
  • Choose a color that suits.
  • If there is a particular shape of wall clocks that interests you, look for similar options that suit your theme. 
  • Select the right texture to emphasize that particular look. If it’s a minimalistically done up space, choose a clock in which less things are happening. For a contemporary look you can go with pop colors, abstract designs, quirky or trendy clocks from our online wall clock collection.
  • Pick the clock design that interests you the most. 
  • Conclude with the best place to fix the wall clock, where it compliments your interiors the best. 

Living room wall clocks-

Depending on the size of the room you’d choose the face of the clock. For a bigger room you would require a larger clock with a larger face, so that it can be viewed even from a distance. And generally smaller clocks look decent and pleasant in smaller rooms. 

Bedroom wall clock-

Try finding a wall clock that is functional and aesthetic for your bedroom decor. Keeping an easy to look at view, like in front of your bed. You can also go for options like placing it above your bed, a wall above your desk, or above the dresser. 

For your children’s room, you can go with something fun, colorful, vibrant or animated. You can go with bright colors, giving out good positive energies. 

We have carefully selected wall clocks to import to suit all types of interior spaces while keeping it minimalistic, quirky and classy.