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Accent decor

Who would love to know our little secret on remodelling & stylising their space with our home decor?

Home will always be a place where your heart is. It’s your magical space, where you feel good to leave and even better to come back to it. A place where your memories reside, the people you love welcome you with smiling faces and your little pets running towards the door every-time the bell rings. There are some nights of endless laughter with friends, family get-togethers and you may call it your safe place. Obviously home wasn’t built in a day, as it’s not a place it’s a feeling of belonging. Your home defines you, hence they say keep your house and its interiors cozy and pleasing. 

Accent décor literally means adding personality to your room by complementing it to your home décor. Their utility is to add a high style quotient in bringing life to that space. Accent decors main function is for a decorative purpose using our online home décor items.

Be different in stylising your home decoration-

Tell me if there is a better way to bring out the style and character of your space by doing something so simple like adding a pop of color here and there in your design. Or change in the direction of light falling on your home decor items, even using different textures for your walls or decorative items or hanging wall art in empty wall spaces, etc. to a room?                   

For example- Let’s think of something that catches your eye when you walk into a room, it could be a beautiful figurine kept against a wall. Either it could be a wall clock popping out on a plain textured wall. This figurine item or wall clock is your accent décor, its main function is adding that touch of color and texture, with drama or oomph factor to that space.

Types of Items you can buy from Brandberrys to accentuate your home interiors:

We would like to call ourselves curators of design and style, by handpicking our wide range of products with the help of our amazing team of stylists. We at Brandberrys have a substantial amount of home decor items to choose from like-