Namit Khanna- A Supermodel, An Indian Actor, And Now A Photographer.

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A Brief On Namit Khanna & His Early Life

Namit Khanna was born and raised In New Delhi, India and graduated from Kingston University, London. After the completion of his graduation he moved back to New Delhi and kick started his modeling career in the year 2004, at a young age where he was just 19 years old. From the start, he knew what he wanted to pursue. His modeling career lasted almost a decade where Namit walked the ramp for top-leading designers like Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra, Shantanu and Nikhil, Adidas, and other international brands.

On reaching the top of his modeling career and being listed as India’s Top Supermodel he decided to expand his horizons and make a mark in acting as well. Having worked very hard on his acting skills, giving in late nights, rehearsing, taking up acting workshops and other acting courses. Namit has carved his way up in the industry and is now a renowned Tv actor. In addition to being passionate about acting he is extremely passionate about photography and traveling.

Namit Khanna's Passion
For Travel & Photography

Namit developed a keen interest in photography when he was traveling for one of his shoots. Taking you back in time to know how it started and when his passion turned into a profession.
In the year 2007, while exploring a foreign country he began taking a lot of scenic, and abstract pictures. Everything was shot on his sony Ericson mobile phone. In fact, he largely captured things that caught his eye, grabbed his attention, and what that view conveyed and meant to him. On returning back he showed those pictures to one of his photographer friends. Where he received outstanding feedback and gained some more perspective on how to pursue it further. He loves to capture nature, greenery, and a sunny day at the beach. Most of his work depicts this.

An interesting fact, last year during the nationwide lockdown in 2020, Namit was offered an exciting project where he had to do a dual job of being the model as well as a photographer. A challenging task, but with all the time available at home, he took charge! His result was fabulous.
His photography style mainly includes picturesque photos of landscapes, abstracts, and Cityscapes. Namit has a thing for capturing the most mesmerizing sunsets, which you may see in most of his work. He plays with light and color in his images. In this case, it not only shows how he’s excelled as an actor but also how he is making a mark in something he is passionate about.

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